Avast Vs Comodo: Which Security App Is Really Better?




Avast vs Comodo Comparison

With the vigorous development of social networks today, almost all data has been transformed into encrypted storage tools on the internet. Although we can store unlimited information, digital data sources have a huge disadvantage, which is infiltration by software viruses.

Many security applications have been born, such as Avast and Comodo, which can help you solve that problem. Avast vs Comodo: what is the best software? 

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A Quick Rundown Of Winners In Each Category Avast Vs Comodo

Category  Winner
Malware Protection Avast
Features Avast
System performance Avast
User-Friendliness Comodo
Pricing between Avast vs. Comodo Comodo
Customer satisfaction Avast

Avast vs Comodo Comparison

Avast vs Comodo Comparison
Avast vs Comodo Comparison

Avast and Comodo have distinct characteristics and properties. We can’t say which software is better. In addition, their advantages and disadvantages are also entirely different.

So, to make the comparison of the two antivirus software more fair, clear, and complete, we will talk about the basic categories below, including:

  • Malware Protection
  • Features between Avast and Comodo
  • System performance
  • User friendly
  • Pricing between Avast and Comodo
  • Customer satisfaction

We always try to evaluate them objectively according to the user experience.

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Malware Protection

The first is the protection of software against malicious actors for data. In general, each application will have different security solutions.

Regarding Avast, the advantage of this tool is that there are two layers of checks in the security system.

Comparative research and careful consideration before software intrusion will make all your information more secure because viruses or robots are difficult to bypass the Avast censorship portal.

As for Comodo, because the tool only tests a class with a basic test. Then there is the voting for the test, so Comodo’s security is not as good as Avast.

With the above information about Avast internet security vs Avast premier, we can see the security advantage belongs to Avast. If you are a person who desires the best data protection, then you should choose Avast to support you.

Features between Avast vs Comodo

Comodo Features
Comodo Features

The second is the feature of the two security tools above. According to statistics, most people prefer Avast over Comodo in terms of various components and utilities.

With features such as excellent compatibility with all platforms, multiple protection modes, high malware detection, and even passive mode running in parallel, Avast becomes a tool with many users.

Although it does not have as many features as Avast, Comodo is not too bad when owning special features such as: free with high configuration, rich and diverse protection programs, promoting user support through many aspects.

One tip for choosing a security tool is that you need to define your needs first. Then you continue to select the appropriate feature. Finally, start choosing an application that can better support you and avoid spending a lot of money.  

System performance

Next is system performance, one of Avast’s standout categories that Comodo can’t match. In this regard, we can relate to the Comodo internet security vs Avast that we mentioned earlier.

Avast will be at the top of security performance with a closed system plus features and modes. Thanks to that, many customers have highly appreciated this tool and used it sustainably until now.

With respectable performance in the security application market, Comodo still fulfills everyone’s desire for data security.

If you are looking for a high system performance tool, Avast is a perfect choice. If you don’t have a lot of performance needs, you can consider mondo for your database.



In terms of user-friendliness, we do not see much difference between the two tools. Overall, both are good at providing users with simple, intuitive interfaces.

Everyone can easily use the above two software. Even non-tech-savvy people can use it.

Although not the same manufacturer, the interface of Comodo vs Avast 2017 has many similarities, so it creates a lot of convenience for users when changing options.

Accordingly, you only need to know how to use one software to use the other software completely.

In short, at the interface, there is no superior software. Both apps are of the same quality.

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Pricing between Avast vs Comodo

One of the reasons people choose Comodo is its price compared to Avast.

While you have to pay a high cost to own Avast’s functions, you can use it for free or for a minimal amount of money for Comodo.

In general, with the low price of comodo, it is suitable for individuals or small and medium-sized private businesses. Avast is ideal for large companies that want to protect their vast and essential documents.

If your data source is not very important and you are not in good financial condition, then Comodo is the best choice. 

Customer satisfaction

The above information can also be seen that Avast is more prominent than Comodo in many points. So, many customers are satisfied and choose Avast.

However, there are still many users who choose Comodo because of its freeness and convenience. Comodo is good antivirus software on the market that you can completely trust.

Avast is pretty perfect; the Codomo is a bit less prominent in comparison.

We can’t deny that Avast has many advantages over Comodo. However, the appropriate level of protection software depends on your needs and conditions.

So, for the best experience, choose a tool with characteristics and properties compatible with yourself and your needs.


With the above comparisons, we can see that Avast is superior to Comodo in many ways. However, in terms of safety, Comodo is a pretty good free software.

With this article, we hope you can understand more about Comodo antivirus vs Avast. From there, you can choose the most suitable data protection application.

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