Enscape vs Lumion – The Best 3D Modeling Software 2021




Lumion software

So far, there is various 3D software that offers designers and architects possibilities to carry their ideas and concepts to real life. Two of the most popular software that we are going to discuss are Enscape vs Lumion

What are the pros and cons of each 3D software? Which one is more suitable for you? Read on to find out!

What are Enscape and Lumion?

Before comparing and contrasting Lumion vs Enscape, it is necessary to comprehend What Enscape and Lumion are.


Lumion software
Lumion software

What is Lumion? We would say that Lumion for architects is 3D rendering software. The software aims at rendering the image, video, animation, or panoramic picture. 

Lumion appeared for the first time in 2010. It has earned much attention since then in the architecture & design market.

Also, the software has undergone many updates lately so that numerous services and functions in all new versions are shown for users.


Enscape software
Enscape software

Enscape is one of the top-notch 3D rendering software that aims at helping you improve real-time performances. It can be compatible with various modelling software such as Revit and Sketchup. 

Designers and architects can look and discover the project with the modeling utility. Then, they can focus more on creation, model, and construction.

It has developed into a standard 3D software for users to render in this industry and produce superior-quality renders.

Creating scenes Enscape vs Lumion

Creating scenes Enscape vs Lumion
Creating scenes Enscape vs Lumion

As a rendering software, Lumion can import objects from other 3D modeling sources. 

Also, the user can make use of the complete and rich-featured library in Lumion.

The available library consists of a great supply of architectural assets, a variety of objects including the plant, car, external furniture, animal, interior furniture, and a few natural effects such as light and fire. 

Indeed, it is possible to adjust each object’s size, color, and material in consonance with each project requirement.

Lumion even gives available scene assets to add to the project, such as realistic skies, seas, landscapes, or deserts. 

Similarly, Enscape can offer plenty of features such as scene designs, animations, renderings, annotations, virtual tours, along with a grand library of objects (including the plant, flower, or furniture.).

Easier manipulation of the camera in Enscape can also help to turn around all objects or projects and construct any scene. The software provides a wide range of realistic textures to get a more efficient rendering result. 

A strong advantage of Enscape is that all adjustments carried on the design software are immediately seeable because this software is accessible.

The user can adjust and comment adjustments in real-time with the great help of the live-link function. This technology is typically extremely convenient if one designer meets the client.

The user can also make one standalone file for a project that they want to quickly send to the client or colleague.

Rendering and animation

Lumion shows plenty of progress regarding the quality of rendering, especially for the interior rendering.

In addition, Lumion offers a range of customized image resolutions made by this software. It also offers a variety of natural effects such as light, rain, wind, and cloud in interior and exterior renders.

You can adjust these effects to match the time of the day, season, or year.

For Lumion, it can take shorter than one minute, a few hours to render, or sometimes longer based on computers’ configurations and videos’ lengths.

Enscape, by contrast, would provide a good, realistic rendered image in just a few seconds. Even when you apply all the textures and landscape assets, this software takes some seconds or one minute to complete.

You can integrate the plugin with various 3D software, helping users work smoother and easier. 

Before Enscape renders, it is possible to access all modes, including default, white, polystyrol, and light. 

The working interface

Lumion offers a simple working interface that any user can work with. It does not show plenty of tools. On the other hand, all these tools are combined for easier and more organized projects.

The working interface of Enscape is considerably similar. All the tools are very simple so that even the beginner can easily handle them. 

Ease of Setup and usage

Enscape and Lumion are quite easy to explore and use. All the working tools and instructions are arranged from selecting the scene, decorating necessary objects (tree, flower, sun, and so on) to changing the material, then eventually rendering. 

Price and licensing

Enscape and Lumion support a free trial to check the workflow before users can buy the license. 

The Enscape cost is 39 USD for a month and 468 USD for a year, while the most updated version of Lumion costs 1499 EUR for a year. In some cases, the price for a Lumion license is a little higher than Enscape.

Enscape vs Lumion system requirements

Lumion is certainly a strong and heavy modeling software in terms of rendering quality and rich features. It is why Lumion requires an advanced computer equipped with a single graphic card and powerful memory.

Enscape requires powerful computer configurations which have dynamic processors along with external graphic cards too. 

Does Enscape work on mac? Sadly, it is not. Enscape and Lumion are just available on Microsoft Windows but no version on MAC.

What can iRender offer to Lumion & Enscape users?

A strong GPU package: RTX 3090 and Intel Xeon W-2245

iRender can offer servers that match Enscape and Lumion, with the strongest graphic cards currently. RTX 3090 is a typical example that costs from 3.8 USD for a machine hour. 

RTX 3090
RTX 3090

Intel Xeon W-2245 is a dynamic processor base frequency ranging from 9GHz – 4.7GHz, including eight cores and sixteen threads. As stated by Bricsys, the lowest central processing unit (CPU) is intel corei5.  

Intel Xeon W-2245
Intel Xeon W-2245


We have discussed two of the popular 3D modeling software Enscape vs Lumion.

Both of them share some features and functions with a rather similar price. Each modeling software is easy and friendly to use, including beginners.

Remember that Enscape and Lumion just support Windows with no compatible version for MAC.