Eset Vs Avast: A Comparison In Every Detailed Aspect




Summary: ESET vs. Avast

ESET and Avast are both leading antivirus software for computers today. Each application has characteristics that make it difficult for consumers to make decisions quickly. So, what is the difference between Eset vs Avast?

Let’s compare these two computer antivirus software!

Summary: ESET vs Avast

Summary: ESET vs. Avast
Summary: ESET vs. Avast

Here is the basic information about the software that you should read.


You can install Avast quickly and smoothly because of the straightforward steps and easy-to-understand instructions. This antivirus and scanning app also tops the malware detection charts.

However, the minus point of this application is that some parts are not fully integrated. Some functions such as anti-spam or anti-phishing you will have to download separately.

The software also does not require data encryption, so it saves you a lot of manipulation time.


ESET receives more positive reviews from users because its features are directly observable. The application has anti-theft and anti-intrusion capabilities so that you can install it with peace of mind.

Usually, other virus scanning applications need to be connected to the network to operate. With ESET, you only need to install it initially and use it even without an internet connection. 

The software also integrates many advanced security features and anti-spam and anti-phishing, so you won’t have to worry about consuming more space.

Eset Vs Avast Overview

Avast vs Eset are both applications developed by leading multinational cybersecurity and technology companies. The headquarters of these two companies are in big cities.

Both Avast and ESET have many years of experience in this field with many major technology awards. Their products also appear in the market, and many companies trust to choose.

Pricing & Compatibility Eset vs Avast

There is a clear difference between the prices of these two. If you are an individual customer, ESET will be a reasonable choice for you because it has a lower price. Even if you want to invest in ESET’s most advanced plan, it is still cheaper than Avast.

If you buy for your business with a significant investment in security, you should buy Avast. The cost to pay for this application is relatively high, but you can use a trial of up to 30 days. If within 30 days you are not satisfied with the product, there will be no charge.

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Effectiveness Against Malware

Avast Effectiveness against malware 
Avast Effectiveness against malware

The antivirus performance of the two applications is probably the part that many people care about most when choosing to install the software.

Not many people install both apps at once unless they’re not happy with the other. So we did a test to evaluate the quality of these two apps.

The results after two tests show good results on both software. Eset nod32 vs avast both detect and process and prevent virus files in time. In which ESET can also delete and block virus samples that cannot be entered next time.

Yet, with fast scanning and detection, Avast has the upper hand. ESET’s scanning time takes a long time and has to wait a lot, even being unable to scan results. 

Impact On PC Performance

Although nod32 vs avast are both excellent software, both applications have an impact on your PC. Good evaluation software does not affect the performance too much even if you install it and use it.

The results show that the two applications do not use much PC memory, and the results are relatively similar.

However, with machines that install more programs, ESET loses its advantage. It takes longer to complete the program, and ESET’s virus scan takes longer to detect the problem.

Features Between Eset Vs Avast

Avast vs nod32, in addition to the main feature of removing computer viruses, still has other features to enhance the security of the machine. However, these extra features often have to be upgraded to a more expensive and premium plan.

ESET Smart Security Premium

ESET Smart Security Premium
ESET Smart Security Premium

ESET adds many features to your computer if you have young children at home. By setting this feature, you can control which websites your child can visit.

From there, you will limit the malicious websites and can easily monitor the actions of children.

If you use a laptop, then ESET is a perfect application because it includes anti-theft features.

You will easily track and locate your computer if it disappears. However, this feature still has some limitations because it only works on Windows.

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Avast Ultimate

Avast Ultimate
Avast Ultimate

Each application has its strengths and with Avast is the wifi control feature. You can easily control the users of your wifi network with just one computer.

Therefore, this feature helps you know who is using your network and block unwanted people.

In addition, Avast’s advanced feature will also display a warning if a malicious traffic source is detected. So you can stop viruses before they can invade and destroy your computer.

How Easy Is The Interface To Use?

Both Eset and Avast have an easy-to-use and user-friendly interface. If you are using the app for the first time, it has specific instructions for you to understand the design functions in the app.

The menu bar of both apps is simple, with clear headings so you can easily find what you need. You’ll also easily monitor the safety of your computer and its associated applications with intelligent alerts.

ESET will inform you about the security of each application on your device so that you can decide whether to continue using it or not.

The warnings are also transparent with three distinctive colors, showing the notification to the user.

If the app is safe, the color will be green, and it will turn yellow and gradually red if the app is dangerous. If the ESET shows a lot of green, your computer is working fine.

Avast is not only competent, easy to see but also ensures aesthetic factors. The developer does not install too many details on the user’s display. So users can easily track the details that interest them.

The Avast home page also displays important and standard information such as network connectivity or privacy.

The Bottom Line

Although ESET vs Avast still has many shortcomings, this is not a big problem for the two antivirus software. Hopefully, after reading this article, you can make the choice that best suits your needs. 

Thank you for reading!