Hitfilm Express Vs Davinci Resolve: Which Is The Better App?




Hitfilm Vs Davinci Resolve

Hitfilm Express vs Davinci Resolve are both the two most downloaded and used editing software today. Both of them are free with essential features and easy to operate. So, what is the difference between Hitfilm Express vs Davinci Resolve? 

Let’s read on to know more details!

Hardware Requirements

Hardware Requirements for Davinci Resolve
Hardware Requirements for Davinci Resolve

Hardware is one of the essential requirements to be able to meet the configuration of both software. If your device is not strong enough, it is easy to lag when installing these two video editing software.

Davinci Resolve vs Hitfilm is essential editing software for amateurs, so they do not require high configuration. You only need a primary machine with at least 4GB RAM to use the two software smoothly.

So you can safely install and use either application if your device has been purchased in recent years. Yet, you need to note that the better the hardware, the higher the configuration, the more RAM the application will run smoothly.

Resolution and File Support

One issue that concerns users before deciding to choose Hitfilm vs Davinci is resolution and file support. No matter how good the movie you edit, when the output is not enough resolution, it also affects the quality of the film.

The good news is that both of these editing software support high format file export up to 4K UHD. However, some formats are still limited, and the software will require you to upgrade to edit.

Hitfilm 4K UHD
Hitfilm 4K UHD

You do not need to worry too much and determine the goal of the videos after publishing them. If you want to post to Facebook or Youtube, the free resolution mode can meet your needs.

You also won’t be able to upload a very high-quality video to youtube, and that’s not necessary either.

If you decide to make a high-quality movie for the exam or the theater, you need to upgrade the software to work with the higher resolution mode.

A movie requires a lot of money to invest, and it seems that a small amount of money to edit will not be worth much.

Features Hitfilm Vs Davinci

Hitfilm Express vs Davinci Resolve 15 is both essential and easy to manipulate editing software.

Both these apps get many user-friendly reviews because even novices can easily use them. Software developers make them for everyone, from amateurs to professional filmmakers.

Based on the reviews of people who have experienced both applications, the results show that professionals prefer Davinci.

Although it is a free application, Davinci has advanced features such as automatic video synchronization and playback. In the paid version, the components are also refreshed and updated continuously for users.

Amateurs prefer HitFilm because the basic video trimming features here seem to be easier to manipulate.

However, for those with high usage requirements, many sound effects, and images, HitFilm’s interface is a minus point. Some of HitFilm’s features have to go deep into the toolbars to be found.

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Ease Of Use Davinci Resolve Vs Hitfilm

Hitfilm 4 express vs Davinci Resolve are both software for those who are new to video editing. Therefore, the design and interface of the two software can be as easy to use.

Yet, there are fundamental differences that lead to loyal users in the long run.

Those who only need basic editing choose HitFilm because the basic features are on the software’s homepage. Users will not need to spend too much time looking for essential tools.

As for Davinci, not only buttons such as cutting and merging videos are displayed on the homepage, but they also have more advanced features.

Integrating many features on the same page can limit visibility to users. Many people complain they can’t find the button they need the first time they use it.

User Interface

HitFilm interface
HitFilm interface

Many people do not like HitFilm because the interface of this software is not friendly and contains many ads.

You open the software, and while waiting for the new project to run, there will be pop-ups about paid features. These suggestions or ads will only really disappear when you spend money to buy the app.

In addition to those ads, HitFilm is also very easy to use because of the open, easy-to-see interface.

And Davinci seems to have more details and features. Therefore, the interface of Davinci Resolve has many features displayed on one screen.

Even professional editors sometimes can’t find the buttons they need on the Davinci interface. However, they can use keyboard shortcuts to get to the feature they want more quickly.

Upgrade Pricing and Add-Ons Hitfilm Express vs Davinci Resolve

To use higher features and effects, you still have to pay. The price to upgrade these two applications is $ 299, but if you choose to pay, users tend to pay more for HitFilm.

To upgrade, you will have to pay nearly $300 for Davinci Resolve to buy this application’s features. However, not all of those features you will use up or not enough to pay for.

Meanwhile, HitFilm allows you to pay only for the parts that you need. So you can save some money on paying for this part.

However, whether paying in whole or in interest, $299 is still a reasonable price compared to other editing applications on the market. 

Hitfilm Express Vs. Davinci Resolve: The Winner

Hitfilm Vs Davinci Resolve
Hitfilm Vs Davinci Resolve

Hitfilm Express and Davinci Resolve are the two best free video editing applications for users today. It is difficult to determine which is the winning software.

However, for precise classification, it would probably be easier to compare.

If you are a newbie and need a simple video collage, Hitfilm Express is a perfect choice. The basic features and instructions and this application’s operation are straightforward, easy to understand, and user-friendly.

On the contrary, if you are looking for professional software with many effects, advanced settings, then Davinci will be a better choice.

In Davinci Resolve, you can color-correct and edit videos right on the edit frame without needing another third-party application. So if you do big, technically demanding film projects, choose Davinci. 

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Above is our entire comparison of 2 quite popular software in this world. Each software has its own pros and cons, and you should prioritize which one suits your preferences.

Hopefully, the article has provided you with helpful information. Don’t forget to share this article with more people. Thank you for reading!