Turbocad vs Autocad – What Are The Differences?




Both tools offer 2D and 3D modeling

Turbocad and Autocad are the most popular tools that professional designers are familiar with. However, they may have trouble choosing which is the better tool. 

This article will give you a side-by-side comparison between Turbocad vs Autocad.

Let’s read on to discover!

Significant Differences Between Autocad vs Turbocad

The primary difference between Turbocad and Autocad are:

  • Turbocad may be easier to utilize than the Autocad.
  • Autocad has an app for iOS and Android. In contrast, Turbocad has no application for them.
  • Turbocad comes with a 15-day trial version, while Autocad has a 30-day version.
  • You must extend your Autocad membership each year, but Turbocad enables you to acquire the software once for all.
  • Students can get access to Autocad for free and not to Turbocad.

Exploring Autocad and Turbocad features

Both Turbocard and Autocad are computer-aided design (CAD) programs. As a result, they share many similarities in drawing, workflow, adaptability, changes, and the systems on which they may function.

Here are some outstanding of each tool in comparison with the other:

Turbocad vs Autocad Comparison Table
Features Turbocad Autocad
Drawing 2D and 3D moldings 2D and 3D moldings
Workflow Smooth A little discontinuous
Free trial 15 days 30 days
Support Autodesk with a Learning Center Knowledge Base with a Community Forum
Compatibility Mac and Windows Mac and Windows
Mobile apps Unavailable Available

Drawing and design

Autocad offers a similar experience to sketching on paper, and only you’re working on a PC. It promotes free sketching and gives various tools for creating precise shapes, geometric patterns, and, eventually, designs. 

Autocad is ideal for anyone who needs a lot of control over what they design. It initially aimed at 2D drawings, but it has now developed to include 3D figures for printing and other purposes.

Turbocad is quite similar to Autocad. It also features commands and a variable input cursor.

Besides, Turbocad can create the free form in 2D. It offers 3D functionality as well. 

If you prefer photorealistic outputs, Turbocad has an advantage over Autocad in terms of quality. It is comparable to Autocad in drawing and designing, though the method by which it can do so differs.

Both tools offer 2D and 3D modeling
Both tools offer 2D and 3D modeling


One of the disadvantages of Autocad is that each component of the layout is separate. Because you design free-flowing drawings using Autocad, the process may be a little discontinuous. Since you work on various levels, it doesn’t always feel like everything has a connection.

Turbocad offers substantial workflow choices between sketching fieldwork and designs. You can upload your creations to TurboSite, an iOS app, where you can enter the site and other fieldwork data. Then, the updated data will travel back to the Turbocad software, which is a valuable function.

Components in Autocad are separate
Components in Autocad are separate


Autocad accomplishes this through its reliable operations and the usage of surface mesh in creating 3D. You can also modify the appearance of Autocad. Thanks to this function, you can highlight the processes you frequently use while hiding those you don’t.

Turbocad also gives a lot of versatility. The application can work in different fields such as theater design, furniture, and woodworkers. 

Turbocad is suitable for a wide range of applications. It also has customizable features, including the ability to hide tools and change the structure of toolbars, just like the Autocad.


The procedure of changing layouts in Autocad may be time-consuming and complex. Each component of a design will change separately instead of as a unit. They also do not update automatically throughout all views, unlike other applications.

Turbocad can automatically adjust views, making the process of making alterations a little easier. Another remarkable feature is using the TurboSite app to collect data that will travel back to the central system and come in updated versions with relevant details.

Turbocad can automatically adjust views
Turbocad can automatically adjust views


Autocad is famous for its compatibility with both Mac and Windows.

Autocad also has a mobile phone app that you can download and use on various devices. If you want more capacity for Autocad, you may extend cloud storage to your account.

Turbocad is cross-platform compliant so that you may use it on both Mac and Windows computers. Turbocad presents a multitude of mobile applications for reporting fieldwork and analyzing 2D and 3D CAD files.

As a result, you may employ several apps to supplement the Turbocad platform. 

Comparing Autocad and Turbocad pricing

For one year of membership to Autocad, each client will pay about $1690. You may also purchase a monthly registration for $210 each month or three-year permission for $4565.

On the other hand, Turbocad provides a selection of pricing choices to meet your requirements.

You may spend $1499.99 for a lifetime license, which may be less expensive than Autocad at first look, but you will have to pay for upgrades for the updates.

Turbocad vs. Autocad Usage

Autocad can be difficult to master because of the numerous procedures it employs. The entire application may look complicated at first, but you may change it using the Custom User means.

Turbocad is a more user-friendly program. If you’re a novice at designing and producing 2D or 3D drawings, you’ll probably need to learn to utilize Autocad.

Turbocad is easier to use
Turbocad is easier to use

Autocad And Turbocad Reviews: Pros And Cons

Here are some pros and cons from Autocad and Turbo Cad reviews:



  • 3D and 2D modeling functionality
  • Standard software
  • Customization
  • Local and network data
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows
  • Cloud storage


  • A little complicated
  • Lack of joined-up workflow
  • Manual updates



  • Easy to learn
  • Product outright available
  • 3D and 2D functionality
  • Customization
  • TurboSite app for the fieldwork
  • Accessibility to TurboApps for different functions
  • Mac and Windows compatibility


  • Color rendering
  • Short free trial

What Autocad And Turbocad Support Is Available?

Autodesk is the company that runs Autocad. You have admission to their Learning Center, which includes lessons, guides, and other answers to frequently asked questions. You may also join forums of seasoned users.

Turbocad features its Knowledge Base, which includes guides and lessons for using the program. They also provide a Community Forum where you can ask other members questions about any problems you’re having.

The Bottom Line

We have compared Turbocad vs Autocad. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Turbocad, Autocad, or any other design tools serve your work. As long as you find the device convenient and practical, go for it!